All Hail Electric Larry! The Lost Rock ’n’ Roll Classic Get Crazy Screens This Weekend at Logue’s


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Take the late, great Lou Reed playing “Bob Dylan,” Malcolm McDowell playing “Mick Jagger,” Lee Ving as “Iggy Pop” and Bill Henderson as “Muddy Waters.” Add in Howard Kaylan, John Densmore, Daniel Stern, Mary Woronov, and a trio of villains played by Ed Begley Jr., Bobby Sherman and Fabian. Mix with absurdist humor, kilos of old-fashioned dope jokes, and wrap it all up into a tribute to the legendary rock theater, the Fillmore East, and you must surely have a rock ’n’ roll classic.

Director Allan Arkush’s 1983 film Get Crazy is exactly that. A followup of sorts to his previous cult classic Rock ’n’ Roll High School, Get Crazy never garnered the acclaim or audience it deserves thanks to rock ’n’ roll’s oldest and most powerful enemy — corporate money-men. Arkush explains the sad tale himself in the above video, posted instead of the usual trailer since, as Arkush points out, Get Crazy had one of the worst trailers ever made.

Don’t miss a chance to see this obscure classic. It’s showing tonight only, projected from video, at the Cult Fiction Underground beneath Logue’s Black Raven Emporium — at both 8 and 10 p.m. It’s part one of their special rock ’n’ roll cult film weekend, with Arkush’s Rock ’n’ Roll High School showing tomorrow night at the same times.


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