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While plenty of folks turned up for the grand opening of the new David Lusk space at the Arts & Music at Wedgewood/Houston event on Saturday night, gallerygoers in the know found even more to like at Track One where Seed Space's brand new digs hosted a light art installation that was the most fun and fascinating work in the whole neighborhood.

Travis Janssen's "Conversion/Convergence" is a projector shooting white light through an ordinary box fan and onto a white screen — sounds perfectly minimal, no? Actually, no. The project takes advantage of an optics trick: The spinning blades of the fan break the beam of light into different wavelengths which register on the screen as a pattern of bright colors. Using the control knob, viewers can turn the fan speed up and down, changing the display as they influence the whirring of the blades.

One part science, one part magic, Janssen's project's DIY charm just adds to the mysterious and beautiful display, making it a perfect piece for Seed Space's new Track One home which is undergoing its own kind of colorful transformation. The new Seed Space is still unfinished, but one can envision the finished footage and it's a mixed-bag. Unfortunately, the actual installation space will ultimately be about the same size as the old, tiny "gallery" that Adrienne Outlaw used to host in her art studio down the street at the Chestnut Square building. I'm still pretty bummed at that news, but I'm pleased to report that the gallery will definitely have additional wall space to show 2D work on, so all is not lost.

Did you go see some art on Saturday night? What did you think of Janssen's work? Leave a comment below.

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