This Weekend's Top Five Art Events



Lain York, Julia Martin, Zack Hall
  • Lain York, Julia Martin, Zack Hall

It's practically February, and if you've been paying attention — that is, if you've read these two posts from earlier in the week — you'll know that means it's time to pack a sack lunch and get ready for MoAFT, or the Month of Arty Field Trips. But sit tight! We're not quite there yet, and this weekend offers plenty of art-related hangs that won't require a tank of gas and Google Maps.

• First up: The Frist Center has three new exhibits that open today. Handily, I wrote a preview of each of them in this week's dead-tree edition of the Scene. Soak in a little history, plus some of Nashville-based artist Lain York's newest stick-on vinyl panels. We'll be writing more about all those exhibits in the coming weeks.

• Read Joe Nolan's Crawl Space column for a Cliff's Notes summary of Saturday's art crawl. Of particular interest is the Peter Krashes exhibit at Coop. Krashes is a Brooklyn-based artist and community activist, and his recent paintings are inspired by the block parties, public meetings and rallies that he has helped organize. The exhibit, titled Plant a Flag, will feature gouache-on-paper works.

• Down on the Wedgewood-Houston side of town, Ovvio Arte is unshuttering its doors for the first time since Jessi Zazu's Spit exhibit this past fall. This time, co-owner Veta Cicolello's paintings will be on view, there will be a performance by Music Band, and a confessional booth (!) will bring out everybody's inner Like A Prayer-era Madonna.

• In the new pop-up spaces on 444 Humphreys St., Zack Hall will show a new video installation on Saturday night. Hall is the Belcourt employee who assembles the theater's midnight movie 30-minute pre-shows, and he also cuts the trailers for the in-house retrospectives, like this one from the recent Coen Brothers series.

• Also at 444 Humphreys, Julia Martin Gallery will be open on Saturday from 6-9 p.m. with new work by the gallery's namesake, as well as David Kenton Kring Ceramics and jewelry by Megan Kimber.

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