My Own Private Art Collection: Lain York



Greg Ginn, Bill Daniel
  • "Greg Ginn," Bill Daniel

[Editor's Note: My Own Private Art Collection is a series of posts by artists and curators who have agreed to share their ideas about art collecting — including a few pieces from their own personal art collections — with Country Life readers. This week's contributor is Nashville-based artist Lain York, whose exhibit Selections From the National Gallery opens on Jan. 31 at the Frist.]

"Greg Ginn," Black-and-white 35mm photo by Bill Daniel
Bill Daniel is a good friend/colleague/filmmaker/photographer who did much to document the first generation punk/hardcore scene in Austin, Texas. I met him initially through the Fugitive Art Center, and it was fantastic that old friends here — Richard Reesman and Michael Nott — were hanging out skating with Bill when a lot his images were taken in the early 80s. Bill has been traveling many of these along with his films and found footage in a van fitted with sails that he projects multi-channeled images on.

Untitled (Self Portrait With Drawing), Bjorn Sterri
  • "Untitled (Self Portrait With Drawing)," Bjorn Sterri

"Untitled (self portrait w/drawing)," Bjorn Sterri
Bjorn Sterri is an Oslo-based photographer that, again, I met through the Fugitives. This is from a series begun in 2001 that continues to document his immediate family (himself, his wife Alejandra, and sons Jens Linus and Pablo) with large format cameras. The images feature the family as they all grow older — and many times at very uncomfortable moments. These “Family” photos (often incorporating masks and outrageous gestures) place the viewer directly in the raw moments of their private lives. This image of Bjorn incorporates a drawing he made when he was a child. According to his mother, it is the only drawing she ever saw him make. Bjorn was the 2013 winner of the MIA Codice award in Milan, Italy.

Edward Van Halen, Unknown
  • "Edward Van Halen," Unknown

"Edward Van Halen," Unknown photographer
Found August, 1981 in photography shop three days after Van Halen played Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium. AWESOME SHOW. I think you can buy that tour shirt at Target now.

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