Emmy Fashion: Who Was Your Favorite?




Last night's Emmy Awards were more contentious than most. Twitter was on fire with pissed-off fans of Bryan Cranston and Peter Dinklage (they were robbed!), but as usual the most dramatic part of the night was the red carpet. Abby White and I have both chosen our favorite dresses, but we need help settling our dispute: Whose dress was better?

I say Michelle Dockery was the clear frontrunner in a gorg red-on-red Prada dress, but Abby is firmly Camp Claire Danes. Danes beat Dockery and took home another Emmy for her performance on Homeland, but I say her dress was totally second place.

Help us decide by voting for your favorite in the comments section, or nominate another best-dressed candidate.

Claire Danes
  • Claire Danes

Michelle Dockery
  • Michelle Dockery

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