Kickstart Mike Salva's Death Row Diet Series with Jonathan Katz


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Stop me if you've heard this one before. Following the production of Death Row Diet — a well-received, critically acclaimed animated short starring comedian Jonathan Katz (Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist) — local animator Mike Salva was approached by a studio with sacks of money to develop his short into a full series. After months of work on scripts and art for the show, the studio disappeared — and with it, those sacks of cash.

Now, Salva is turning to Kickstarter to get the show off the ground.

In the original short, Death Row Diet stars Jonathan Katz as a death-row prisoner more concerned with getting back down to his goal weight than his impending demise. In addition to Katz, the full series will also feature voice acting by local comics Sean Parrott (who co-starred in Salva's hilarious Pound Dogs short) and Mark Anundson, plus a slew of “well-recognized names in the world of comedy.”

The campaign is aiming for a goal of $20,000 to make up for the lost financial backing. To get to that mark, Salva is offering some pretty great donation perks, ranging from a DVD copy of the series to being drawn into an episode to Salva and Parrott literally coming to your house and cleaning your bathroom for $10,000. What a deal!

You've got until July 11th to get your donations in. Hop to it.


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