Putting Cheekwood's Light in Context: ArtInfo's 'History of Light'



Rose, by Ann Veronica Janssens
  • Rose, by Ann Veronica Janssens

Interested in bringing Bruce Munro’s Light into a national conversation? Check out ArtInfo's new series about the history of using light as an artistic medium. The first installment was published this morning, and there are five more to go.

Art made with light is having a moment, with pioneers of California Light and Space getting their due and cutting-edge technology putting new effects at the disposal of today's artists. In this five-part series, we look at the connections between past and present, as well as investigating the challenges of creating and trading in works from this challenging genre of work.

After the canonization of the Light and Space pioneers, a second generation of artists have taken up the challenge. They share their forbears’ interest in the elemental qualities of the medium, often creating similarly immersive and quasi-mystical installations. But in addition to investigations of light as pure form, many also explore ways of manipulating it through technology, combining light with devices both complex and rudimentary to create superb illusions and engaging interactive experiences. All of these established artists continue to illuminate new horizons of light art.

Read on for more info on light-art pioneers like Leo Villareal, whose fantastic Buckminster Fuller homage “Buckyball” was recent exhibited in New York’s Madison Square Park, and Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, whose “Multiple Shadow House” bears similarities to The Frist’s Camille Utterback exhibit.

And look for my review of Munro's Light in Thursday's Scene.

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