Get Hooked: Watch TV With Buster Bluth on June 8




Since Arrested Development’s cancellation back in 2006, an unprecedented amount of fan hype spawned an insurmountable hotbed of debate. The fourth season’s Netflix premiere this past Sunday proved to be ample fodder for the show's bloodthirsty cult-following. My takeaway: No one knew how the hell to feel after finally getting what they wanted for over half a decade.

And while Nashville is a pretty far trek from the OC — not to mention we’ve already secured Jessica Walter (aka Lucille Bluth) during Archer Live! at the Ryman June 21st — yesterday’s surprising AD-themed announcement has us happier than Carl Weathers at his Burger King of choice.

In what appears to be an exclusive one-off event at Sarratt Cinema, actor Tony Hale, who plays everyone’s favorite panic-prone motherboy Buster Bluth, will spend next weekend with fans viewing scenes from the show, participating in a Q&A and trying his damnedest not to hate that guy in the back row religiously reciting on-screen dialogue as if it were the Torah.

Now all we need is a Green Series single from Ron Howard.

The event, aptly titled “Hey Brother: An Evening with Buster,” takes place Saturday, June 8, at Sarratt Cinema. Proceeds from the evening will benefit local nonprofit blood:water mission. For more information visit their official site.

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