Tonight: NPR's On Point With Tom Ashbrook at TPAC




On Point With Tom Ashbrook
Where: TPAC's Polk Theater
When: 7 p.m. Friday, March 29

“In ballet, ‘on point’ means up on your toes,” says Tom Ashbrook, host of NPR’s On Point, in an official statement about his program. “In war, it’s the lead soldier on patrol. In conversation, it’s the heart of the matter.” In truth, there likely couldn’t possibly be a better term to describe Ashbrook himself than “on point.”

Before settling down in Boston, he studied at Yale as well as at India’s Andhra University, put in time as a surveyor in Alaska, produced kung fu films in Hong Kong and served as a foreign correspondent all throughout Asia. On his syndicated morning program —which operates out of WBUR in Boston — Ashbrook seems impossibly well-prepared on each of the remarkably varied topics he and his guests cover, from gun reform and foreign policy to the career of Dolly Parton or the future of artificial intelligence.

To be hyperbolic — something Ashbrook would almost certainly never do — the man is among the finest journalists to practice the profession, and honestly as good or better at his job than anyone you’ll ever come across. Tonight, Ashbrook records an episode of On Point for future broadcast.

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