Best-Dressed at The Belcourt's Oscar Party



Yes, we all know that the celebrities looked amazing Sunday night. While I could bore you with my picks for best-dressed, I won't. I mean, we can all agree that Jennifer Lawrence is the coolest chick ever and looked totally hot in that Dior Couture gown — even when she fell — and that Quvenzhané Wallis is the cutest thing ever in her "sparkly and fluffy" dress (accented with doggie purse, no less). Also, is anyone else as hot for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as I am? Who knew the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun would end up so dreamy?

Anyway, I think we should celebrate the damn good looking people in the 615. And there are a lot of you, and you know how to dress. Thus, I offer my picks for Best Dressed from Sunday's Oscar Experience party at The Belcourt. I hope you enjoy my slightly blurry iPhone photos.

First we found lovely co-host Holly Hoffman, who looked amazing in her super sparkly mini-dress.

And she just had to dance, showing off those legs!!


Belcourt executive director Stephanie Silverman was looking mighty foxy in her sheer, studded number. Loving the necklace, too!


Matia Powell totally rocked this princess-y dress. Go big or go home, people.


Kay Clary exemplifies the perfect marriage of sparkle and twang.


I didn't even realize I was following Belcourt membership coordinator Elle Long around (I stalk people in pretty clothing) because I was so distracted by this lovely vintage maxidress. How gorgeous is she?


Nan Flynn gets her 1920s on and it's totally working.


Adam Dread is not afraid of taking some fashion risks, my friends.


But the real reason I included him is because his wallet is awesome.


You know what else was awesome? The chocolate balls bar in the lobby. I had no idea that my life was incomplete until I experienced the giant peanut butter malt balls. Thanks, Whole Foods!


Best-dressed balls I've ever seen.


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