Flying Bodies! Death-Defying Acts! Traces Opens at TPAC



No doubt you’ve seen the viral clip of their 2011 performance on America’s Got Talent, where the lithe cast performed human-gyroscope spins in a metal hoop, did flips and plunges upside-down from Chinese poles, and generally flexed the upper-body strength of Popeye on a spinach bender. That’s evidently just a warm-up for Traces, the touring off-Broadway sensation from the Montreal acrobatic troupe Les 7 Doigts de la Main, which promises the eye-popping athleticism of Cirque de Soleil without all the shampoo-commercial atmospherics.

Online clips feature cast members leaping criss-cross through Chinese hoops, risking their necks high above the stage, and slithering across each other’s slickened bodies, in routines set to music by Radiohead, V.A.S.T., Blackalicious and more. In other words, fans of Stomp and Blue Man Group should handspring their way downtown. The show opens tonight and runs through Sunday at TPAC's Jackson Hall, and tickets run $30-$65; get more information here.

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