Ten Trends for 2013 ... Thoughts?



So we've covered questionable cold-weather trends this week, and now we're looking forward to 2013. Because that's what we do in fashion ...

Anyway, our friends at Lucky Magazine have assembled their picks for top trends in 2013. I decided to overanalyze each and every one, and then make you guys read it.

1. Bold Stripes
OK, this look screams edgy Green Hills. I live in Green Hills, so I can say that, and yes, Green Hills has an edge. It's what happens when you take something preppy and make it sexy, but not slutty. Remember that when you're shopping for your Steepledress, ladies. Sexy, not slutty. And repeat.

Dress by Kate Spade

2. Romantic Ruffles
I'm just going to say that I have a love/hate relationship with ruffles. At worst, they make you look like an overdressed toddler, and at best, they make you look like an overdressed adult. There's just something fussy about them that screams, "I'M HIGH-MAINTENANCE!!!!" That being said, they can be kind of sweet and girly, and in 2013, they're showing up in creative ways. This Anthropologie skirt is AMAZING.

3. The Tuxedo Jacket
I feel like this already came back in style last year, but I welcome it back again. I even bought one last fall, but I've only worn it once because I thought I would look like a chick Chippendale. I actually got a lot of compliments when I wore it, so perhaps it's time to drag it back out of the closet. This Madewell one is more casual and less Vegas strip.

4. Flats
Sorry, I hate flats. Hate them. I know a lot of ladies don't like to wear towering heels because they hurt their feet/legs/feelings, but I feel the same way about flats. They hurt every part of my body and cause me to walk on my tiptoes like Barbie. For those who like flats, apparently they are "in." I think everyone should just wear whatever shoe they want (unless they are Uggs). These Jenni Kayne shoes that Lucky liked cost $695, by the way. WTF?

5. The Drop-Waist Dress

OHMYGOD I LOVE LOVE LOVE DROP-WAIST DRESSES. I curse the fact that I was not able to live my wild 20s in the actual '20s and try my best to recreate that era in my mind and closet. Drop-waist dresses are also extremely comfortable and flattering if you — like me — are completely boy-shaped and lack a visible waistline. Let's keep this trend going!! And how cute is this Victoria Beckham dress?? SO Zooey Deschanel!

6. Crazy Fun Sunglasses

What is NOT to like about this trend? As soon as I'm done posting this, I'm finding something sparkly to glue to my sunglasses. Or, you could just buy some, like these incredible and affordable ($35!) ASOS shades.

7. Chokers (????)
Really? Well, I guess it's time to bring the one leftover from the early '90s that hasn't resurfaced on the runway in the past couple of years. Everyone's tightrolling jeans again, so I guess it's quite apropos that we're loving on the neck-tight necklace again. I'll take mine velvet with something dangly and goth on it, please. This Lanvin one is way too rich for my blood.

8. Super Bright Leather

I'm kind of meh on this one ... I guess it's cute, but bright and pastel leather is confusing, like eating a cold hot dog or warm ice cream. I have no use for this, but I'm sure somebody does. And I love anything Robert Rodriguez does, so this dress is pretty hot.

9. Lace on the Outside
This kind of goes back to the sexy vs. slutty concept. I love lace, especially when it looks like you might be wearing an underthing as an outerthing. Just don't have the girls hanging out or your undies showing, and you're OK. Nude or black slips prevent public indecency charges, especially with this gorg Lover dress.

10. Baggy Bermuda Shorts
I have nothing nice to say about this. No way.

Peter Jensen shorts

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