Olympic Hangover



After a couple of weeks of cheering on superhumans in spandex and watching sports that I did not know existed, I have that icky, empty feeling you get after you have to return to regular life following a long, awesome weekend. But rather than wallow in my Olympic hangover —¬†or complain about what got cut from the NBC broadcast, or who should not have been singing with one of the best bands ever, or who I expected to come dashing out onstage but never showed up — let's be happy and revisit the most fashionable, musical moments of last night's Olympic Closing Ceremony.

The Supermodel Stampede
Whether you dug the actual content of the show, you have to admit that the entire bonanza was sensory overload. The evening was elevated when a group of supermodels — including icons Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Stella Tennant; Mick's daughter Georgia May Jagger; and Nashville's adopted fashion superstar Karen Elson — turned the stage into a runway. These gorgeous Brits donned the best of British fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry and Christopher Kane.

Don't hate them because they're beautiful. OK, maybe hate them just a little ...

  • Photo via StyleFrizz.com

The Spice Girls Reunite ... Again!
I'm not even going to implore you to refrain from hating on The Spice Girls — I think we can all agree that they pretty much look and sound just like they did in the late 1996. Anyway, I thought it was fun. I thought they looked fab, Posh was as skinny and bitchy as ever, and I bet you still have "Wannabe" in your head right now.

POSH! Epic! Fierce! And, love the look on the taxi driver's face.

  • Image via wtop.com

One Direction
Is this a Gap ad?

  • Image via eonline.com

Russell Brand Channels John Lennon (Not At All)
Oh, Russell. At least you're hot. I give the Willy Wonka-meets-Mad Hatter outfit a 10, but the performance? Zero.

  • Image via sacbee.com

George Michael Performs!
Loved it. One question, though. When did George start shopping with Bono?

  • Photos via HuffingtonPost.com and flickeflu.com

Queen + Jessie J.
We're just talking about fashion here, so ... Jessie J wore this:

  • Image via dailymail.co.uk

Lady, this is how you wear a sequined jumpsuit.

  • Image via frockandrollonline.com

I tried to hold my tongue, but I can't help but complain about NBC cutting The Who, Muse, and Ray Davies — RAY DAVIES — for that vet show with Andy from Weeds. FAIL, NBC, FAIL!

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