Pool Party?



The bad news is that it's still really freaking hot outside. The good news is, it's almost August, so we're kind of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

At this point, we're tired of seeing Facebook posts displaying car temperature readings of 110+ degrees, and we're really tired of trying to make ourselves look slightly presentable when makeup instantly slides off our faces and all of our clothing smells like sweat.

So, pool party, anyone? In addition to sharing some of my favorite swimsuit suggestions below, I'd like to recommend a product that is homegrown in Nashville. Roux Maison makes eco-friendly laundry detergent sourced from 100-percent natural essential oils, packaged in BPA-free bottles. The detergent, which is available in intriguing scents such as Ambrosia and Sweet Tea (or Fragrance-Free, for those of you who don't want to smell like a Southern picnic), comes in multiple formulas for all of your dirty laundry needs.


The Essential Detergent is great for "everyday" laundry and sheets and towels; the Delicate version is suitable for machine or hand washing your finer things; the Sport Detergent promises to de-funk all of your workout wear without destroying elasticity in lycra, spandex, and other athletically inclined fabrics, and the Stain Remover is pretty self-explanatory.

But the one that we're excited about is the Swimwear formula. Like the sport formula, this guy won't threaten the integrity of your bikini's elastic composition (i.e., no saggy butt by the pool), but it's formulated to get out all of the sweat, saltwater, chlorine and sunscreen that lurks below the surface.

So, go forth and swim, and try out some of these daring looks at your next pool party/family outing/nighttime swim.

You might want to visit your favorite bikini waxer first:


In case you need to fend off inflatable objects:


Awesome tan line alert:


For the more modest horror enthusiast:


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