Presently Enjoying: Remakes of Famous Art, Remade Landscapes and a Crowdsourced, Bonkers Redux of Star Wars



* Here at Country Life we're really digging the "remakes" series over at Booooooom — newly imagined versions of famous works of art. Like cover songs, but visual. Most of these are staged photographic versions of paintings, which as a method really accentuates the differences between the two media: gone are so much of the (intentional) gestural and spatial ambiguities of the original works, replaced by photographic certainties that are often just as compelling, though differently so. Check out some of the submissions, replicating, to varying degrees of fidelity, everything from The Birth of Venus to Nighthawks.

* Then there are these sculptures by Neil Dawson, which remake the horizon by imposing what look (from a distance, in a photo) like drawings on an otherwise photographic space. It's like pop-pastoral or something, and a nifty effect.

* And speaking of remakes of famous art, I assume many of you have already seen or heard about Star Wars Uncut — a remake of A New Hope composed of 15-second clips submitted by people around the world, stitched together to make a sprawling, slapdash new movie that somehow holds together. Every quarter-minute it oscillates wildly from dorm-room sets to crude animation, no-budget chromakey shots to actors costumed in shiny trash. It's amazing. Scene editor Jim Ridley described it as "the most kid-friendly piece of avant-garde film ever made." Check it out:

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