Chef Daniel Lindley Gives Details About Upcoming Germantown Spot, 5th & Taylor



One of the most exciting bits of news about Nashville's expanding restaurant scene has been the news that Chef Daniel Lindley, ex-owner/chef of St. John's in Chattanooga and a five-time James Beard nominee is coming to Germantown to set up his newest venture. The restaurant, which will be called 5th & Taylor, is planned as part of the new Flats at Taylor Place project, going into a 96-year-old barrel roof warehouse, formerly part of an old textile bag plant and cotton mill.

5th & Taylor will reflect Lindley's devotion to seasonal and regional foods, and if it's anything like the meals I've enjoyed at St. John's, it should be something special. Lindley has been brainstorming the design of his new restaurant for years, and has turned to Smith Gee architectural studio to convert his cocktail napkins and back of menu sketches into real plans for the dramatic space.

According to the official release, it will be a huge space, with "a 6,200 square foot interior that will include a main dining room, two private dining areas and an outdoor patio and bar, adding an additional 2,500 square feet to the warehouse space. The private dining accommodations will be equipped with state of the art audio visual equipment for business meetings, presentations and social gatherings. Overall, indoor and outdoor seating will accommodate 250 guests."

On a smaller scale, Lindley has spent the time between leaving St. John's and opening 5th & Taylor (hopefully this fall!) by reinvigorating the small neighborhood grocery store near his house. He describes Grocery Bar as "a chef-driven grocery store that empowers the home-cook and unites a neighborhood around deliciously simple food."

The grocery has put together a healthy and attractive selection of fresh fruits and produce, meats, cheeses and fish, smoothies, both raw and cooked meals, baked goods, desserts, sandwiches and sushi. Plus they also offer beer and wine, although I haven't figured out how they are selling wine. I imagine that's for dining in only. But still, the place sounds amazing to me!

After only being open for a few weeks so far, Grocery Bar is creating a lot of buzz around Chattanooga, and I think something like that could really go over well in the growing Germantown neighborhood. Maybe a partnership with my buddy Tommy Noodles from Lazzaroli's? I'd help broker that deal any day!

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