Czann's Opens New Taproom in Downtown's 'Brewery District'



Between Yazoo, Jackalope, Tennessee Brew Works and now Czann's, the SoBro/Gulch area of downtown is turning into a beer drinker's dream. On any given Thursday or Friday afternoon, plus some weekend hours, it's a cinch to walk between any or all of these taprooms to enjoy real local craft beer.

Just last week, Ken Rebman finally opened his own diminutive taproom at his brewery at 505 Lea Ave. in SoBro, just a block off of Lafayette. Czann's (pronounced "Zahnz" by those in the know) specializes in easy to drink beers that don't try to blow your head off with hops, meaning it will be a super place to relax for a couple of after-work brews. Rebman did most of the work himself building out the taproom, so it's nothing fancy, but it is quite functional.

Serving half-pints (but not minors) and pints of his Czann's Blonde, Pale Ale and IPA plus the occasional rotating special, the taproom is a convivial spot to sample Rebman's wares. Food options are spare, including chips and salsa and cheese dip, but my favorite food option at Czann's is the "BB Frozen Meal." Apparently the beer board requested that Rebman serve a more substantial food item, so he stockpiled a few frozen TV dinners. If a patron is willing to pay $7.50 for one, the taproom staff will gladly pop it in the microwave. I don't expect to see too many of those being consumed ...

After a week of soft opening, Czann's normal taproom hours will be 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday, noon to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and noon to 6 on Sundays. When football season kicks off, Rebman may open at 10 a.m. on home game Sundays. Street parking and a small lot is available, but car-pooling is always advisable. So call a friend, make a date and head on down!

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