The Weekly Open Thread: Never Mind WSJ — Where Would You Send Visitors?




On Monday, Steve Cavendish poked fun at The Wall Street Journal for trying to violate the space-time continuum with its picks for "A Pitch-Perfect Long Weekend in Nashville."

Among the lapses: suggesting a weekend visit to Arnold's, which isn't open on weekends (since corrected), and recommending a Sunday visit to Merridee's, which is closed on Sundays — as well as suggesting readers simply drop in at restaurants that in reality require reservations days or weeks in advance.

So here's our challenge to you, dear reader: Make your own weekend itinerary for visitors to our fair city. If they have only a weekend, what restaurants would be at the top of your list? (You can throw in a Friday or a Monday to avoid the need to bend the laws of time and space.) And what other attractions would you recommend? Where should folks stay? I know, this is a food blog, but we're well-rounded people, right?

And this is the Open Thread: What else ya got?

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