Hattie B's Opening on Charlotte Is Imminent!



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As of press time (which is whenever my esteemed editors hit the "publish" button on this post), Hattie B's Hot Chicken had not officially announced the specific opening date for their new location at 5209 Charlotte Pike, but inside sources tell me it should be in days, not weeks. The sign is officially installed, and they are down to just final details and inspections before they open the doors. West Nashvillian hot chicken aficionados are positively giddy at the prospect of a fiery fowl joint close by that will actually have a real parking lot!

If you can't wait, Hattie B's executive chef John Lasater has been gracious enough to share his recipe for a home version of their excellent fried chicken.

While I'm guessing these versions aren't exactly what they do at the restaurant, the recipes at bonappetit.com and katiecouric.com (really, Katie Freakin' Couric gets the recipe before we do?!) look like pretty good facsimiles that are doable in the home kitchen. Just don't spend too much time looking at the nutritional information at the Bon Apetit page.

Ms. Couric's recipe appears to be similar to Hattie B's medium, while Bon Appetit apparently likes it hot. If you want their "Shut the Cluck Up" heat level, you'll have to find some of the insane pepper extracts that Hattie B's specs from their spice suppliers.

So get out that skillet and fry up some chicken. Or you can just wait a short while and let the masters fix it up for you at their new location.

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