Batch Nashville Launches 'Great Nashville Maker Giveaway,' Showcasing Local Foods


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During the holiday season, I shared some tips on how to give the gift of Nashville to friends and family. I found a lot of ideas for great Nashville-made products. One suggestion was a subscription for Batch Nashville, which is a service that delivers a curated assortment of locally made goods each month. Batch recently expanded to offer Batches from other cities, but Nashville is still home.

That’s why they’re hosting a huge giveaway of products from an impressive list of 20 companies based in or around Nashville, The Great Nashville Maker Giveaway. Check out their website; you'll see a really great list of Nashville-made products, many of which are new — or perhaps you didn’t even know were made here. Soberdough, Good Spread, and Prohibition Popcorn are just a few of the items featured. All but three of the items in the giveaway are food products, proving that Nashville’s culinary renaissance is not limited to our restaurants.

Even if you're not interested in the signing up for the giveaway, the list of participating companies is a great place to start if you're looking for local businesses to support.


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