Sewanee Restaurant Fixture Shenanigans to Reopen, and They Want Your Help



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Have you always wanted to invest in a restaurant? If your answer is yes ... what the hell is WRONG with you? Ask anybody in the biz, and they'll tell you owning a restaurant is almost aways a long, tough slog. But there is an opportunity for interested parties to make a tiny non-equity investment in a venerable favorite up on Monteagle Mountain.

As a part-time resident of Sewanee, I've been a fan of Shenanigans for years, and written about it occasionally in this space. Sadly, after passing through a few hands over the years, the University of the South campus hangout has been shuttered for more than a year. However, there is now light at the end of the tunnel as two investors have purchased the restaurant and pledged to reopen it within the next few weeks.

Nelson Byrd is a 2003 grad from Sewanee, and Bill Elder has spent much of his life summering at the Monteagle Assembly and married a Sewanee grad. You might recognize Elder as the guitarist and bandleader of Charles Walker and the Dynamites. Now that these two have made the leap into the world of restaurateur-hood, they're asking for a little help.

They have established an Indiegogo campaign to help "Save Shenanigans." They hope to restore the restaurant to its former glorious disrepair or disrepaired glory through small donations which they will earmark for specific improvements. They are looking for simple stuff like a new meat slicer and a small P.A. system for live music acts. Different levels of donations will earn thank-you gifts ranging from your name painted on the wall to a commemorative Mason jar mug to enjoy a few pints at the new Shenanigans bar.

If you want a piece of the action or have any nostalgia for the old blue ghost on Sollace Freeman Highway, check it out. I'll be anxiously waiting to break down the crooked front door for a Shenanawich!

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