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I have a confession: I don’t like to cook. I do like to eat, though, and that’s why I cook. But anything that will get me to a good meal with as little effort as possible makes me very happy. Aside from ordering takeout, that is. So I like shortcuts, particularly if it means less clean-up at the end of a meal. I think I’d rather spend time and effort on prep instead of clean-up, which is why some meals that are mostly the sum of frozen parts are as much of a pain as making from scratch — I still end up with three or four pots and pans to scrub after dinner. No, thanks.

One of my favorite shortcuts is to use a flatbread as a pizza crust. But they’re not all great. I’ve used a certain kind of popular pre-made crust that was just not very good. But a few weeks ago, the folks at Stonefire sent me a package of their breads to try out. The first one was the multigrain Italian Artisan Pizza Crust. I used it to make a very simple arugula and goat cheese pizza to go with some lemon garlic orzo soup, and it was delicious. It’s got a great flavor; it’s neither bland nor too heavily herbed. A quick look at the nutritional information revealed the reason: a straightforward list of ingredients without a bunch of scary preservatives. Plus a generous amount of calories per serving. Eh, that’s the price of good-tasting bread, particularly when it’s also hearty and filling.

I’ve also tried the Stonefire naan and whole-wheat pita pockets. While the naan was not quite as good as it is fresh from the Indian restaurant, it is still very good (better than frozen naan I’ve had). I was most surprised by the whole-wheat pita; I’ve never had one I’ve actually enjoyed eating before. Even from the best local bakery here, wheat pitas tend to be kind of bland, dry, and cardboard-ish.

The Stonefire pita was soft and pillowy and made a great sandwich; I had some leftover Tex-Mex Pimento Cheese Dip that Leah of So, How’s It Taste made that I used as a filling with some arugula (I really like arugula). The pita was also great with Tribe’s new extra smooth classic hummus. The hummus was so good that I almost emptied the container in one sitting. Oops.

In addition to how I used the breads, the Stonefire website has a lot of great ideas. Most recipes are for pizzas and pocket or wrap sandwiches, but there are also desserts as well. Regardless, it should give you some inspiration for new quick and easy lunch and dinner ideas. These flatbreads are also a good way to get kids involved in dinner. Getting kids to help with dinner is one way to get them more interested and more adventurous at mealtime.

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads are available in most local grocery stores, often near the produce section. Check their store finder for the location nearest you.

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