Q&A With New Catbird Chef Trevor Moran



In the Scene's print edition, I sat down with Trevor Moran — most recently of the acclaimed Noma in Copenhagen — to talk about adjusting to life in Nashville as the new chef at The Catbird Seat.

Moran seems genuinely excited about being here, and although it's freezing here now, it's a far cry from Denmark.

When did you get here? September?

I got here a little earlier. I've been staying with my girlfriend. She's from Charleston. I was staying here for six months before I took over at The Catbird Seat, which is a pretty cool thing, because I didn't come here in January with this whiplash. I got know a lot of people. I got to know all of the barmen here [at Pinewood Social]. I got to go to a couple of farms before starting at The Catbird.

What surprised you?

How hot it is. I'm Irish. I would never complain about it. Basically, we live [near the Cumberland River], but we have a pool. But I'm Irish. I never thought for a second that I could take to PBR or a six-pack of High Life. There are so many things that are blowing my world.

Well, it's the champagne of beers.

It's amazing! You can sit by the pool, eat some Hattie B's, drink a High Life in the blistering heat. I've got sun cream everywhere, even in my hair. That's amazing. My parents actually came out this Christmas.

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