The Weekly Open Thread: And You Thought Turducken Was Weird?



You've likely heard of turducken — a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck stuffed into a turkey. Well, that fowl lover's dream (some might say a foul lover's dream) is gaining popularity on Thanksgiving tables. And it has its roots in a long history of weird hybrid animal foodstuffs.

In fact, we have a photo of a turducken predecessor, courtesy of The Atlantic, that some folks here at Bites headquarters found quite disturbing — so much so that we have decided to post it after the jump. Vegans, vegetarians, even carnivores with weak stomachs may want to refrain from looking. But you know you just have to click that "Continue reading" link. It's beckoning you ...

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the cockentrice!
  • Richard Fitch, courtesy of The Atlantic
  • Ladies and gentlemen, behold the cockentrice!

That's right, the top half is pork, the bottom half is chicken, all the rage at 15th century dinner parties.

Read the whole Atlantic story, "Perhaps the Strangest Photo You'll Ever See and How It's Related to Turducken," here.

So what do you think? Ever tried turduken, cockentrice or any other weird hybrids? Grossed out? Or are you salivating? Anything else you'd like to disgust, er, discuss?

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