The Weekly Open Thread: Restaurant Closing Time



This week I'd like to pick y'allz brains about something that has kept me awake many long nights since ... well, actually, it's never kept me awake at night. But it's an issue I've grappled with from time to time. (I was on my high school's varsity grappling team, by the way.)

How close to closing time are you comfortable walking into a restaurant? If the restaurant's posted closing time is 10 p.m., are you comfortable walking in at 9:59? Would 9:45 be your cutoff? Have you ever gotten the two-minutes-to-closing eye roll? Has a restaurant ever refused to seat you before closing time? If you arrive near closing time, to you feel obligated to rush through your meal?

This is serious stuff, folks. I need to know where you stand.

And what else is on your mind?

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