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I can establish a time frame for events in my life as BT or AT; that is, Before Truffles or After Truffles. My first experience with real truffles occurred in November 2002 at Nob Hill Tavern in the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas (sadly, it closed earlier this year). There was no vegetarian entrée on the menu, so I ordered a few side dishes for my meal. The star of that meal — one I will never forget — was the truffled macaroni and cheese. I was transformed. I became obsessed … until I discovered how expensive real truffles are. Regardless, I still try to find ways to indulge (example: the truffle oil from Lazzaroli that I use as salad dressing when I'm feeling posh).

So my interest was piqued when I heard about the Alba White Truffle Dinner at Sardinia Enoteca on Tuesday, Oct. 29. The white truffle is also known as the trifola d’Alba because the area around the city in the Piedmont region is so known for its white truffles. The market in Alba is even home to a truffle fair during this time of the year when the truffles are harvested.

The truffle dinner at Sardinia will consist of four courses, each featuring the Alba white truffle and paired with wines from the Piedmont region, plus an assortment of desserts to finish. Unsurprisingly, the dinner is a bit on the pricey side at $200 per person (plus tax and gratuity). But take a look at the menu and you’ll see why. Prepare to salivate.

Course One

Bruschetta with asparagus tips, poached quail egg and freshly shaved white truffle
paired with Gavi Granée

Course Two

Crostone di tartara di Manzo: filet mignon tartare with white truffles shaved at the moment
paired with Barbera d’ Alba Sovrana 2009

Course Three

Risotto Piemontese: rice produced in Northern Italy, cooked simply with onion, parmesan, and highlighting the white truffle
paired with Barbaresco 2006

Course Four

Medaglioni di vitella con robiola delle Langhe: veal medallions, pounded and marinated with robiola cheese, and served with fresh white truffle
paired with Barolo Beni di Batasiolo 2009

Course Five

A selection of Sardinia Enoteca’s traditional house desserts
paired with Moscato D’Asti DLA REI

For more information about the restaurant, read Carrington Fox's review of Sardinia from earlier this year.

Alba White Truffle Dinner
7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29
Sardinia Enoteca
210 25th Ave. N.
$200 per person + tax and gratuity
For reservations (required in advance): (615) 320-9147

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