Half-Price Lunch at Fleet Street All This Week



If you work downtown, or just like to hang out where the tourists do, you should definitely subscribe to the weekly Downtown Details newsletter, a publication of the Nashville Downtown Partnership. They've always got the scoop on events, deals and new restaurants downtown, and they even include a list of which conventions are visiting in town so you can figure out who is singing that particularly wretched version of "Jolene" at the karaoke bar.

This week, I saw an item that I figured was worth sharing. Fleet Street Pub in Printer's Alley is offering a half-price lunch deal this week through Friday, Oct. 18. That means you can enjoy their English bangers and mash, Hatton Cross Hot Hen, hand-cut french fries, desserts and more at 50 percent off. With a deal like this, suddenly a few bucks to park downtown seems a little more reasonable. And they can even help you with that, too!

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