First Bite: Breakfast Sandwiches at Porter Road Butcher (West)



Baker Nora Allen pulls biscuits out of the oven at Porter Road Butcher West
  • Porter Road Butcher
  • Baker Nora Allen pulls biscuits out of the oven at Porter Road Butcher West
Breakfast and I have an on-again, off-again relationship. Having spent a large chunk of my adult life working nights, we only hooked up occasionally, and usually only on weekends. Even now, I'll usually have just a little yogurt or cereal with my caffeine unless it's Saturday or Sunday.

I might change that if Porter Road Butcher's new Charlotte Avenue market was on my route to work every day.

The offerings are limited, but substantial. They've got biscuits (big, Southern-style things made for stuffing) for $2, and then you can add egg and Kenny's Farmhouse Cheddar for $1.50 and/or sausage or bacon for $1.50. At $6, it's more than the Egg McMuffin a few doors down, but it's also an entire meal in your hand.

(An aside about the meat: If you haven't had a chance to try Porter Road Butcher's bacon, which you can buy inside during normal hours, it's some of the best around. The sausage is their breakfast blend, a mix of pork, salt, pepper, sage, toasted fennel and a little brown sugar that is just fantastic. But then again, it should be — these guys are butchers.)

I loved what I tried. The bacon is thick with just a little bit of chew. They didn't skimp on the sausage patties, giving you enough to hold up against a big biscuit and a slab of egg and cheese. The biscuit held together, too, and didn't disintegrate into crumbs after the first bite, which meant I didn't wear my meal into the office.

A nice byproduct of hiring baker Nora Allen is that they're also doing some fun stuff, too. We picked up a pretty delicious fig and bacon scone for $2.50 that might have turned us pro-scone. In general, most scones in the U.S. are just dense, brick-like things without a lot of flavor, but these were lighter and a little sweet. They're also planning to do their version of Pop-Tarts in the morning. If you go into the shop during the day, check out Allen's cookies and whoopee pies (we had a chocolate and Nutella one that was outstanding)

Co-owner James Peisker says they plan to do a daily special as well and that one of the first will probably be a chicken biscuit, nodding at the building's past as a Mrs. Winner's franchise. And since it was already there, Porter Road is serving out of the drive-thru window. Just don't ask if you can pick up a pound of bacon while you're there. The window is for sandwiches only.

Porter Road Butcher (West) is located at 4816 Charlotte Ave. Phone: (615) 454-2995. Breakfast is served Monday through Friday from 7 to 10 a.m.

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