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The main bar at Music City Tippler
  • The main bar at Music City Tippler
Last week, Nicki P. Wood and I attended a pre-opening party at the new Music City Tippler in the ground floor of the Adelicia (which Chris Chamberlain wrote about last month). I have to admit, I haven’t been in that particular space since it was still just a parking lot and the location of Uptown Mix (for you youngsters, that was a music series back in the early Aughts).

The space's two previous restaurant occupants didn't survive, but the Tippler may have better luck, thanks to an extensive (and beautiful) renovation, a short-but-thoughtful dining menu and an impressive bar (in addition to good service and management). The speakeasy vibe they were going for actually works. It's a cool place.

As Nicki and I gazed upon the beauty of the interior — and its occupants — I mused that the vibe at the Tippler might be similar to what it was like back in the '90s at then-chic restaurant The Trace in Hillsboro Village. Not that I know; I was too intimidated to ever try it, owing to my lack of confidence, tiny black dresses and blond hair. (After a long run under various owners, The Trace closed in 2008.) For her part, Nicki said the crowd and ambience reminded her of the grand days of Jody Faison’s popular restaurants, back in the '80s and '90s. Kay West writes well of the period (really, the beginning of Nashville’s now-celebrated dining scene) in this feature about Jody Faison that ran in the Scene in 1999.

Since this is the open thread, tell me: Aside from the Tippler — which seems poised to become the new "It Place" in "It City" — where do the young and glamorous (or just hip and happening) hang out these days? Or more nostalgically, what hip and happening scenes do you miss from days gone by? During the glory days of The Trace, I was likely to be found instead at Jonathan's in Hillsboro Village (before it was Sam's). And later, at Rumba, (R.I.P.).

What else have you been up to this week, Bites readers? Have you tried out the Tippler yet? Any other new places or news?

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