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Recently, Mary Crimmins put me in contact with the folks at Roots Organic based out of Asheville, N.C. Ah, Asheville. I have longed to visit, but have never actually been. I hear it’s a wonderful food destination, particularly for vegetarians.

Recently, Alexandra of Sweet Betweens wrote about her visit as did Kira over at Cook, Pray Love and Adrien at Food is a Good Thing. And frequent Bites commenter Tracey, too. Sheesh! I have other friends who’ve been as well, so I have it on good authority that great things come from there.

So obviously, I was interested in trying out Roots Organic's products. I figured I'd get a coupon or two, but no, they sent me their entire line of hummus to try. Eight different flavors! Granted, it's really easy to make a good hummus at home, but I rarely do. Usually only for parties because most recipes have a large yield. A lot of commercial hummus is rather bland, though. Not Roots Organic. They consider themselves “the microbrew of hummus” because it's made in small batches with care. And it’s evident from the taste.

The first I tried was the one that was most unusual: Thai coconut curry. I was dubious, but holy cow, that stuff was good. I took it (and a few other flavors) with me to “tailgate” before a recent show at the amphitheater at Fontanel, and though all flavors got the thumbs-up, the unanimous favorite was the Thai coconut curry. The flavor is not bold, but not subtle either, and the coconut really comes through. It’s not spicy; it had just the right amount of curry. I checked with the company and it’s available at both Whole Foods locations (Green Hills and on McEwen in Franklin). The Turnip Truck also carries this brand, but you might want to request this flavor next time you stop in if you’re on the East Side.

Other flavors were the plain, oil-free (half the fat!), spinach, roasted garlic, black bean, roasted red pepper, extra hot chipotle. Every flavor was better than just about any store-bought hummus I’ve had. I even liked the chipotle, which had a real kick to it from the pepper, but still a really great taste.

As indicated by their name, the most of the hummus ingredients (including the primary ingredients of each) are organic. All are also vegan and gluten-free. Roots Organic products are available locally at Whole Foods, The Turnip Truck, and Sunshine Nutrition Center.

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