Pitmasters' Interview Kicks the Barbecue Hornets' Nest



We've really enjoyed the conversation that our recent barbecue pitmaster roundtable has stimulated here at the Scene and at our corporate cousins at The City Paper. In fact, there was so much good stuff that came out of the discussion between Pat Martin, Carey Bringle, Jack Cawthon, Molly James and Will Newman, that CP editor Steve Cavendish added another post about competition barbecue here on Bites.

That post stimulated some nice discussion in the comments here at Bites, but it was nothing compared to how it riled up a vocal group of pitmasters at a bulletin board that calls itself The BBQ Brethren. There are more than 100 comments on the link to Cavendish's post. There are some from some competitive cookers who agree with a lot of our what our pitmasters (especially Bringle and Martin) had to say about how televised BBQ shows and numerous cooking contests are pushing the taste of barbecue to a sweet and tangy middle. But many others took umbrage with Bringle's assertion that many competitors have been overcome with what he calls "barbetude," an overly earnest outlook on the contests that has squeezed a lot of fun and flavor out of the events.

If you have ever wanted to look behind the curtain of the folks that travel from town to town trying to prove their pork is the shizzle, it's an interesting read. Overlook the ad hominem (ad porcem?) comments, and you'll learn a lot about what these folks think about where competitive barbecue is headed.

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