Farm to Turntable: Susan Werner Brings Her Witty Agriculture Folk Tunes to Town



In an item that should possibly be cross-posted to Nashville Cream, I bring you information about an intriguing musical artist who is coming to town. Susan Werner will perform in Nashville this Wednesday, July 17, for a Music City Roots show at the Loveless Barn in support of her new album, Hayseed.

Werner, a farmer's daughter and currently a resident of Chicago, pays tribute to her rural Iowa roots and American agriculture. She is known for her passionate voice and wry sense of humor, which is apparent in the one single that I've heard, "Herbicides (Done Made Me Gay)." She says of her album, "This record is dedicated to my father and mother, and their fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers ... farmers, all."

According to the official release about the album:

Paying tribute to American agriculture and to her Iowa farm roots, Susan again keeps her audiences guessing and laughing simultaneously, lending her wry humor and passionate voice to subjects such as farmer’s markets, agrochemicals, climate change, drought, longing for a sense of place, and the movement towards sustainable agriculture. The characters and perspectives are varied and colorful, the lyrics are prickly as thistles, and all in all Susan Werner's new music is a rollicking hayride of a listen!

Werner will perform in a lineup that also includes the distinguished duo Kristi Rose and Fats Kaplin, Randall Bramblett, James Wallace and the Naked Light, and Strung Like A Horse.

So why not have dinner at the Loveless Cafe and then get your sustainable agriculture on at a fun show?

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