The Weekly Open Thread — Windowless Restaurant Edition



Would you like windows with your meal?
  • Would you like windows with your meal?
Last week, Bites received the following email from a reader on the topic of windowless restaurants:

Along the lines of the moratorium on barnwood, I'd love to see a post on how much the environment of a restaurant affects a diner's enjoyment and the influence of the overall experience. I was thinking of six restaurants off the top of my head that are considered great (debatable) Nashville restaurants and have no windows. And to us, no windows often translates into claustrophobia/the airport experience. They are: Virago (maybe they are going for a Vegas-y feel?), Flyte (seems like a converted strip club), DeSano Pizza (like a converted roller rink), The Catbird Seat, Park Cafe, and Mason's. They all could at least use a few skylights. And these aren't even chains like Buca di Beppo that champions the no windows schtick!

Where do you stand on the window issue? Do you prefer a restaurant to have a view of the world and/or natural light? Couldn't care less?

And what else is on your mind?

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