The Fur Flies Tonight as Chappy Faces Off With Gordon Ramsay



  • (I'm not kidding!)
Laaaaaadiiiiess annnd Gentlemen! It's time for the main event!

In the red corner, hailing from Mobile, Alabama, via New Orleans and Long Beach, Mississippi, and blown to Music City by Hurricane Katrina, it's the Cajun Steamer, the Creole Crusher, the Filé Funkmaster himself, John "Chappy" Chapman!

In the blue corner, wearing 15 Michelin stars and a foul disposition, it's the man who's never seen a properly made risotto in his life, Chef Gordon Ramsay!

That's right, it's finally time for the airing of the Kitchen Nightmares episode starring these two strong personalities. Tonight, May 3, at 7 p.m. on WZTV-Channel 17, Chappy and Ramsay face off in a test of wills that promises to be epic, and which ultimately won't make any difference ...

Because we hear that within a few weeks of Ramsay's complete revamping of Chappy's menu, decor and even staff dress code, the chef-owner went back to the way everything was before the show was shot. While I didn't eat there during the brief interregnum when the menu shifted from Cajun/Creole to straight-ahead Southern classics like fried chicken, I had my doubts. I drove by the restaurant when I knew they were filming and happened to catch Chappy during a moment when he had obviously been asked to make himself scarce while they did something in his kitchen. The steam coming off his forehead as he leaned up against a phone pole looked hotter than the peppers on his chef pants.

But even if you know the ending after the ending, it should still make for some entertaining television. Check it out tonight and share your impressions here in the comments. And did anybody try the "New Chappy's" or visit since the reversion? Let us know the skinny!

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