Vice Series Truckers in the Wild Comes to Nashville


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Vice has a new online video series, Truckers in the Wild, following the exploits of brothers and chefs Eli and Max Sussman as they explore food truck culture in various cities. The latest edition features the Sussman brothers in Middle Tennessee, where they enjoy some barbecue from Soul Fuel in downtown Nashville, then go squirrel-hunting (and naturally, squirrel-’cueing) in "rural" Spring Hill.

Yes, squirrel hunting. What that has to do with food trucks, I'm not sure. Thanks, Vice, for perpetuating the redneck reputation of our fair city. Beats another "hipster" report, I suppose.

Or does it?

More importantly, has anyone tried Soul Fuel? The food looks great, and it's served up out of an old fire truck. Soul Fuel is based in Murfreesboro, but apparently the truck visits downtown Nashville a fair bit.

Any reports are appreciated!


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