Plan Your 'Dining Out for Life' Day to Maximize Philanthropy and Fun



Tuesday April 23 is Nashville's Dining Out for Life date this year, when a long roster of restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds to Nashville Cares to assist their service to Middle Tennessee's HIV-affected community. With a record number of restaurants participating, you have plenty of choices for all three meals of the day, so now's the time to make plans.

Commit to eating at least one or two meals out that day to show your support for Cares and for our generous restaurant community. I'm planning to hit Marché for breakfast, PM for lunch and Flyte for dinner, so I'll be triple dipping. Of course, I have ulterior motives for my choices. The fabulous Jennifer Justus from The Tennessean is hosting at Marché, and if she recommends a meal I jump. I'm the host for lunch at PM, a conscious choice on my part because Arnold Myint is donating a whopping 75 percent at all three of his restaurants, PM, blvd and Suzy Wong's. In case you're looking to maximize your dining donation, other restaurants that are participating at particularly generous levels are Germantown Cafe and Kalamatas (75 percent) and 417 Union, which is giving 100 percent of their dinner proceeds to the cause.

But all the restaurants that are in at any level are greatly appreciated, and you can make your plans by checking out the entire list of participants. I promised some loyal Bites readers who are hosting that I'd help plug them in case you Bitesters want to keep it in the family. Amanda Saad who blogs over at "An Organic Process" is hosting lunch at M Restaurant in Cummins Station with Courtenay Rogers. Vivek Surti of Vivek's Epicurean Adventures will be holding court at Flyte with Shamille Wharton for dinner, so drop by and join the fun. My fellow SouthCommies Mike Smith and Susan Torregrossa are hosting dinner at Lockeland Table, so if you haven't made the trip across the river to that spot yet, now's your chance!

Finally, longtime DOFL co-Chair Kay West will be at Rolf and Daughters for dinner, so feel free to thank her for her decade of service to the event.

Call some friends and build a table and make your reservations now. It could be really busy that night at your favorite spots, so plan ahead or maybe check out some place new. You'll be helping out a very worthy cause, so thanks in advance!

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