The Weekly Open Thread: Nashville-Area CSAs



For those of you who were wondering whether spring weather would ever arrive, all doubts have been quashed. It's on!

And that means Middle Tennessee's CSAs are gearing up for the growing season. For those who aren't familiar, CSA stands for community-supported agriculture, a practice wherein customers buy shares from the CSA provider (typically a small farm), and in return get a box of produce every week (or in some cases, every other week) during the growing season.

I've bought CSA shares in the past, and enjoyed the experience, though I found my schedule made it hard for me to cook frequently enough to use all the produce. At first, the excess would spoil in my fridge. Over time, I got a better grasp on my usage and was able to give away most of what I couldn't use.

Shares are still available at most of the area CSAs, and I'm pondering buying one — probably a half-share. The folks at Live Simple Nashville have a handy list of providers, with a map of drop-off points.

CSA customers, please chime in with your experiences. Which CSAs do you like? Do you manage to use all of what you get? Do you have any strategies? This year, I'm thinking I'll take all the excess at the end of the week and throw it in the crock pot for veggie stew or something of the sort.

And what other food news has got you fired up?

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