Graze Anatomy: Scene Food and Drink Issue Celebrates Appetizers and Sides



This year the Scene's Food and Drink Issue focuses on the little things that count: appetizers and side dishes. Here's the intro:

For your first-course enjoyment, we've curated a shortlist of some of the appetizers and sides in town that threaten to outshine the main course — which is always a good problem to have. From the rolled to the chopped, the sumptuously roasted to the flash-, deep- and pan-fried, there's a little bit of everything — even a menu of pre-meal cocktails to wet your whistle while you whet your appetite.

For many dining fans, their love for starters and side dishes eclipses any desire for standard big-hunk-of-meat entrees. That's what makes the Scene's list so delightfully welcome. There were so many choices we had to include "Honorable Mentions" and still had to leave good things out.

Check out the story here, Bites folk, and let us know what you like and what we missed.

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