25 Great Nashville Sandwiches: The City Paper List



The Corned Dog Reuben, Etch
  • The "Corned Dog" Reuben, Etch
Over at The City Paper, this week's cover story looks for all the news that's fit to put between two slices of bread.

Titled "25 Great Sandwiches," the story reports the results when 10 intrepid City Paper and Scene writers hit the streets of Nashville to find a couple dozen superior sandwiches. Here's how Cavendish explains it:

I love a good sandwich, and I’m always looking for another one.

With that in mind, I asked some of the finest eaters I know to give me what they think are some of Nashville’s best sandwiches. The rules are simple: No burgers, no barbecue, no wraps and no tacos. Stay in Nashville (with one detour to Franklin). Take a picture.

What came back was probably the next month of lunches for me, and hopefully you, too. There are some classics in here (a great chicken salad from The Picnic) and some interesting new ones that people swear by (BBQ Asian Tofu from Mitchell’s).

By narrowing the list down — and there were some great sandwiches left on the cutting-room floor — we have surely created arguments for favorites we left out or overlooked. Believe me, I’d love to know what they are. Send us an email about your favorites to sandwiches@nashvillecitypaper.com. If you’ve got a picture, even better. We’ll fan out and try them for a future issue.

Tough work, this hunting for tasty sandwiches, but somebody's gotta do it. Even with 25 entries, a lot of good stuff got left out of the list. How about you, Bites folks? Have you checked out the list? Any agreements or disagreement? What got left out? We'd love to hear from you.

BBQ Braised Jackfruit Sliders, The Stone Fox
  • BBQ Braised Jackfruit Sliders, The Stone Fox

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