Goo Goo Clusters Get a Bracket in the Other Big Dance



Last year, there was a heated match in the Garden and Gun contest called The Ultimate Southern Food Bracket, which pitted the Barbecue category winner, cornbread, against the Cajun/Creole winner, beignets, in the championship round. Somehow, beignets managed to win after beating out all the other Cajun fare and the Classics category winner, country-fried steak.

As citizens of the mid-South, we cannot allow another such injustice to our region's favorite foods. And this year, we have even more at stake, as Nashville's very own Goo Goo Cluster is competing in the revised contest, Southern Food Bracket Battle of the Brands.

First up is the Sweets round, and from there, the winner will compete with the champion of the Snacks, Sodas, and Pantry Items competitions. The brackets will open up for viewing and voting tomorrow, March 19, on Garden and Gun's website.

Here's how the contest will play out:

Round 1 will be March 19-22. You can vote for your favorite every day (and winners are announced daily). Round 2 is March 23-30; Round 3 takes place March 31-April 3; and The Final Four is April 4-7.

The Final (Championship!) round is April 8-10, with the winner declared the ultimate Southern brand on April 10.

I'm not aware yet what other brands will be in the competition, but it's likely that RC Cola, Moon Pies, Sun Drop, Duke's, Ale-8-One, Zapp's, and Tabasco will all be in the mix, giving Goo Goo a run for the title. But be sure to support the hometown team! Follow Goo Goo Cluster on Twitter and/or Facebook for your daily reminders.

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