Celebrate Thy Vegetable — Vegan Pop-Up Dinner at Barista Parlor



I have to say that I’m happy that the vegetarians and vegans aren’t being forgotten by the pop-up restaurateurs. As Jack Silverman’s already told you, The BeHive’s got some regular gigs going, many of the other pop-ups accommodate veg*ns, and a little birdie told me to look for a vegetarian menu at the April VEA Supper Club event. And next week, Barista Parlor is hosting “Celebrate Thy Vegetable,” an all-vegan gourmet pop-up dinner organized and prepared by Dan Forberg of Dan’s Actual Food.

Dan’s Actual Food is a “health-oriented, personal chef and catering service” that promises “exquisite cuisine that is good for you, yet rich, extravagant, and bold.” From what I see on the website, I would like for Dan to be my neighbor and to be in his employ as chief taste-tester.

The pop-up dinner menu looks as tempting as Dan’s sample menus, too. Five courses are included in the meal, plus entertainment, cocktails, small bites and an option for a wine pairing. Check it out:


Dan found my weakness: the Jerusalem artichoke (AKA sunchoke). When prepared correctly (even just properly roasted), it’s one of my very favorite things to eat. Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend (I’ll be resting up for St. Patrick’s Day festivities), but if you go, be sure to report back here at Bites.

Celebrate Thy Vegetable
Friday, March 15, 7:30 p.m.
Dan’s Actual Food & Barista Parlor
519B Gallatin Pike
Suggested donation: $85/$100 with wine

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