Top Dog Chef? Why, Lorne, Why?



Really? REALLY?
  • Really? REALLY?
You guys. You guys. I get it. Writing is hard. Writing comedy is even harder. Which is why it's with some trepidation that I criticize the most recent Saturday Night Live. In fact, I'm usually the one defending the show to others, particularly those who "haven't watched it in years." But the Top Dog Chef skit was so full of bad puns and obvious lowbrow humor that even a middle-schooler would call it hackneyed. It put the whole show into the toilet. I'll throw them a bone and admit that they were spot on with the underlying commentary regarding some of the outlandish creations that come out of the Top Chef kitchen, but this bit should have been Old Yeller'd at dress. And it's a shame because the show was strong out of the gate with the Starbucks Verisimo skit.

Lest you think I have some bias against lowbrow humor, let me point you in the direction of a skit from the weekend that I actually enjoyed. The Fart Patio on Portlandia was fantastic. After a week of eating vegan food at home, topped off with a visit to Sunflower Cafe, I certainly needed one at home. (TMI? My apologies.)

Regardless, I am still just reeling over the awfulness of the Top Dog Chef bit. Why, Lorne, why?

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