Husk Nashville Names Chef de Cuisine



We're still at least a few months away from the opening of Husk Nashville, the latest jewel in the Neighborhood Dining Group. Chef Sean Brock has spent a few days in town recently with some of his partners in the project, supervising the renovation of the building at 37 Rutledge St. Accompanying Brock on the visit were David Howard, the president of NDG (who is really acting as the feet on the ground of the project), and Dan Latimer, the GM of Husk in Charleston, who will be integral in HR and front-of-house operations decisions. The trio are working to line up local subcontractors and purveyors, as well as interfacing with Tennessee architects and engineers. It's nice to see that they're seeking out local talent for these critical jobs.

One hire that will not be local, though, is the new chef de cuisine at Husk Nashville. Brock and the team have chosen Morgan McGlone to lead the kitchen when the restaurant opens. McGlone is a native of New Zealand, and has worked alongside Brock in the Husk kitchen for almost two years since he came to the restaurant for a two-week unpaid stage and decided not to leave.

Brock says that McGlone was his very first thought when he considered who to run his Nashville kitchen. "We're very lucky that he decided to take up this crazy venture. Morgan is incredibly talented and in love with Southern food." McGlone has worked in amazing kitchens all over the world, including The Summit Restaurant, Salt and CBD in Sydney, Pierre Gagnaire in Paris and D.O.M in São Paulo. He also opened a French bistro named Flinders Inn in Sydney with his brother Rick.

While a Kiwi might seem like an unlikely candidate to run a restaurant that glorifies Southern food and ingredients, (unless you consider just how far south New Zealand is), Brock is confident. "It doesn't matter where you're from if you care about the cuisine, and Morgan caught the fever."

While Brock is known for his sleeve of vegetable tattoos, chef McGlone has two full sleeves of Maori designs on his hulking arms. "Yeah," says Howard. "We hired our biggest chef to work in our smallest kitchen." Brock adds, "He'll be our head chef and also work as security." So take note, Nashville diners. Be on your best behavior when chef McGlone is in the house.

In another bit of Brock news, the chef seems to have found a new favorite restaurant since he's been in town. According to his Twitter feed, chef Philip Krajeck at Rolf and Daughters knocked his socks off:

For what it's worth, I wholeheartedly concur.

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