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  • Every day. Every day!
I don’t typically make resolutions, but I have found myself thinking I need to set up (or, more accurately, reinstate) some general rules about eating in order to be healthier. I doubt I’m the only one who gives myself a free pass for the second half of December, but it’s time to bring the madness to an end. So, here are the rules that will (again, ahem) be effective starting Jan.1, 2013:

1. Drink more water. For my height, weight, and activity level, I should be drinking just over two liters of water a day. I currently drink about one. And I don’t know why; I like water. I did better at drinking water when I had a regular desk job, I suppose because taking a break to get water was a way to cut the monotony. [How much water should you drink?]

2. Eat less white stuff. I’m not joining in on the War on Wheat, but I do need to cut back on white pasta and white bread and certainly on refined white sugar.

3. Limit dining out. My friends in food service probably won’t be happy to read that, but we’ve been eating restaurant food far too often in the past two months (including more Taco Bell than I'm willing to admit). If we had a lot of evening activities or if I worked full time, I would take no issue with our enthusiastic support of the restaurant business. But more often than not, we get takeout or go out because I’m just too lazy or uninspired.

4. Related: Do a better job of meal planning each week. We don’t dine out as often if I’ve got dinner already planned. I have a fairly exhaustive list of entrees and side items to mix and match to create meals as well as a nifty weekly planner white board on the refrigerator in the kitchen. Now I just need to use them again.

5. Buy some farro. Why have I never bought and prepared farro at home? I don’t know, but I plan to change that.

I think that’s about as ambitious as I really need to get. What about you, dear readers? Do you have any food-related resolutions for the new year? Special bonus points if any include “eating less factory-farmed meat or meat-ish products.”

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