Late Gifts from the Prize Vault — We Have Winners in the StreetSmart and Local Palate Contests



Even if the last of the wrapping paper is in the recycling bin, there's still the chance for a few late holiday presents. As promised, we've picked winners in our Local Palate magazine caption contest and from the entrants who told us which of the participating restaurants in the holiday StreetSmart promotion they'd like to eat at.

Of all the entries imagining who said what to make a tableau of Nashville culinary talent guffaw so hard, longtime Bites commenter Pogo came the closest to the truth by guessing, "either Margot made a 'pork' joke or someone's about to get their rooster spatchcocked..." The actual story is that Pat Martin had just told a long dirty joke, which he'd probably repeat for you if you have five free minutes. But when Pogo said "spatchcocked," we knew we had a winner. Plus anybody whose manifesto on the Bites commenter page is "Those who forget the pasta are doomed to reheat it" is a winner in our book.

The winner of a $25 Amerigo gift certificate and two tickets to a Nashville Symphony Orchestra concert was Wallace, whose desire to visit Edley's and Marche was selected by the cyber-random number generator as the lucky one.

So Pogo and Wallace, send me an email to cchamberlain [at] nashvillescene [dot] com and I'll send you your magazine and hook you up directly with StreetSmart for your certificates, respectively. Thanks for playing!

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