Calling All Pepperheads: Pepper Village Saturday at West Nashville Farmers Market



If you can't stand the heat, steer clear of Richland Park tomorrow, as the West Nashville Farmers Market accommodates its seasonal Pepper Village, where hotheads of all stripe gather to sell their wares. We're especially excited to see Ben Smythe back with his Banjamin's Ghost Pepper Elixer, and he promises upgrades in his products as well as a bumper locally grown crop of beautiful but deadly bhut jolokias, a rival for the world's hottest pepper.

Also on hand will be Ric Ousley with his popular Ousley Ouch salsas. Smythe says the event is going to start out small, so don't expect but a few vendors this time. But there are plans to grow the village if response is strong. Besides, the West Nashville market on Charlotte is one of the city's best — as much an outdoor food court as a place to buy produce (love those fresh mushrooms!). Any excuse to go is welcome.

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