Eden Eats in Nashville for Series Premiere



Eden Grinshpan of EDEN EATS
  • Eden Grinshpan of EDEN EATS
Anyone who's been reading Bites for a while knows there's Lesley Eats (that's me!) and Beth Eats (that's Beth!), but apparently, some time recently, Eden Eats was also in Nashville. Eden Grinshpan is a chef/foodblogger/producer who has a new series, Eden Eats, premiering Aug. 17 at 9 p.m. on the Cooking Channel. The show bills itself to be a "traveling show to find global cuisine in cities across the U.S." and makes its first stop right here in Nashville.

From the press release:

She kicks off her tour by stopping for a traditional Thai salad and some exercise, followed by a stop at a Somalian restaurant. She continues her tour with some Bosnian cuisine and history while making a traditional stuffed onion dish for dinner. She stops in for a late night drink, a snack, and some dancing at an Irish pub, followed by an early morning baking session at a Kurdish Halal market. To finish her eating marathon, Eden visits a Ghanaian market for a traditional African experience. Who knew “Music City” was so multicultural!

The answer to that question is, "no one who reads The New York Times exclusively." And whaddya know, not a single mention of the words "hipster," "Jack White," or "Catbird Seat." New Yorkers might actually learn that there's more to the cuisine in our city than trendy restaurants, food trucks, and hot chicken! Even better, Nashvillians might learn a thing or two. It'll be nice to see some eateries from outside the I-440 loop profiled for a change.

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