Smoke Wizard Allan Benton: The Race for the Cure Is Very, Very Slow



Most Bites readers are, by this point, familiar with the magician Allan Benton, whose act is all smoke and ... well, here's what the man himself says, in this Southern Foodways Alliance video: "What I'm doing any hillbilly can do in their backyard. It just takes a tiny bit of knowledge, a little bit of salt and sugar, and a lot of time. That's the only thing." Suffice it to say two years is more time than a lot of us could wait on a ham. And while we're on a Benton kick, check out this shorter, more impressionistic video below — in which Benton is constantly interrupted by the ringing of a rotary phone:

HT: Jason Kottke, who obviously isn't from these parts, given his misspelling of "Smoky Mountain."

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