Poets, Bring Your Game for This Bites Gifty Giveaway



Write a haiku, maybe win this book.
  • Write a haiku, maybe win this book.

It's Gifty Giveaway Tuesday on Bites, where you can win a cookbook for giving or keeping.
Robin Takes 5 by Robin Miller is a great fit for that new cook, or the cook with the micro kitchen. Also an ideal book for people with zero patience for grocery shopping. With five ingredients or fewer, it's still possible to make Salmon with Sriracha Mayo, Warm Cabbage and Apple salad and Caribbean Roast Chicken with Allspice and Hot Peppers — the book has 500 recipes, plenty of territory for discovering a new and simple favorite. And all the recipes have 500 calories or fewer.

The winner of the book will be the best holiday food haiku. If you recall from middle school, a haiku has three lines; the first has five syllables, the second has seven syllables, the third has five syllables. Bites
flings out the first metric feet to get you into a creative mindspace.

Craisins' sour newness
turns up where it shouldn't
until the year's end

Post your sweet, sassy, sentimental or funny haikus in the comments to enter.

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