College Food Survival? It's Cold Pizza Omelet for the Win!


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In an example of life imitating art, back-to-school chaos overtook me at the very moment the Weekly Open Thread held a cookbook giveaway in honor of all the arriving college students. The prize, the I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook by Andrea Lynne.

Bitesters submitted their stories of cooking and eating on the super-cheap in the college (or college-era) years. Some scrappy tales of smuggled food, hot-pot mac-and-cheese and microwave rice were shared. Besting them all was the cold pizza omelet of BW.

Oh, I had too way many and luckily, have forgotten most, but my favorite college survival dish was the cold pizza omelet. Step one, order pizza late at night, usually while inebriated . Step two, don't finish it all. Step three, wake up a little groggy the next morning and look in the fridge to find only eggs and something that could be a used in a science class for mold reproduction. Step four, choose eggs. Step five, prepare eggs as you would for any omelet. Step six, when eggs are almost set, place piece of cold pizza in omelet and fold over. Serve and enjoy. Seriously, we did this one summer. And that may explain why I am the way I am today!


BW, for your ingenuity in the face of poverty, for your sheer culinary audacity, not to mention the strength of your digestive system and the assault on tastebuds, you're the winner of the I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook! You find us, we'll find you, to claim your hard-won prize!


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